Painting Again!

It has been a long time since I have been able to pick up a paintbrush but I am so happy to say I’m back at it. My plan is to post each painting with a few comments about what I’ve learned in the process. Here’s Franny. I first deliberated about painting her in a larger context, and after some planning, decided to just go at it on a small scale first. So glad I did! Overthinking sometimes means it’s the wrong kind of thinking!


Franny, 2016. (Oil, 5 x 7)

4 thoughts on “Painting Again!

  1. Good job, Franny looks great, Taline! I painted too recently the and I am hoping that you would give me your expert opinion on it, since I can’t attach it here, I’ll email you. Let’s have coffee sometime after Easter.
    Happy and Blessed Easter to you and yours💛✨✨✨


  2. Dear Taline, I have been wondering why there had not been any art news from you. Then comes this email saying that you haven’t picked up a paint brush in a while… I hope your “stars are aligned” now. I love Franny! Good to hear from you. Lesley.

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