Classical Painting Stage 3

(See previous posts for stages 1 and 2.)

Application of orange colour for pitcher this week. By the way, I am learning how to do this direct painting method with Roberto Rosenman in Toronto. He is a wonderful teacher and artist… highly recommended! You can find his work at His drawings are also amazing… truly like paintings (done in pencil crayons).classical-painting-stage-3

What an amazing difference in paint colour between brands and quality of paint! Orange matters! I suspect quality will be at least as important for yellow. The vibrancy and intensity of colour is so important. Better quality means more pigment, which actually means that you can get a different colour. We compared our various tubes of orange and were shocked at how different they all were.

In terms of application of paint, this is a very fastidious kind of painting. (I don’t think I have the personality for it!) I am, however, finding it useful to pay more attention to colours and values. The amount of paint and oil applied are also important. Too little and you’ll have to go back for another layer. Too much, and the texture might not be what you are looking for. Too much oil is also a concern. Consistency in application throughout the painting is probably the most important thing.

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