Classical Painting Stage 4


Classical Painting Stage 4

This stage included the painting of the crate for the lemons, as well as a few passes and glazes. The crate was done in viridian green with a bit of yellow light. The difference between a “pass” and a “glaze” was explained as follows: the pass highlights the lighter or lightest areas with more opaque re-painting and application of paint, while the glaze uses more transparent application of paint to darken the more shaded areas. Both should be done only after the previous layer has dried. Passes and glazes can be re-applied a number of times until the desired intensity of colour is achieved. I’ll wait until these layers are dry, and then do a few more successive applications. All in all a very interesting process, and one which has reminded me of the importance of paying attention to values and colour relationships.

Hmmmmm, think I’ll try some yummy persimmons using this method, to compare the approach to a more direct way of painting….

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