Why do I paint?


Perhaps each day is different.

Today, I’ve decided to explore the way I lay down media on different surfaces. I’ve always got questions. How can I give my orchid more depth? Make it more vibrant? How will it look against a matt surface? An opaque surface? A translucent surface? How would it look on glass? Plexi? Large? Small? Framed? Layered? How different is Quin Magenta from Alizarin Crimson? What would gouache on Yupo with oils be like?

So many possibilities… In some ways, these choices open up a Pandora’s box for us artists. It would be so much easier if we only had pencils to work with! But when the choices are there, I feel obligated to explore. Which media will best give expression to what I want to say? Am I drawn to certain subject matter more than others? Why?

What do I want to say with my art today? It’s a question I’m not usually ready for (but still want to get to one day!). I get too bogged down in the technical. I am still wanting to try different media to see what feels good, what resonates, what I feel most at home with. But I’m most excited about being gestural and expressive in my art. I’m having the most fun when I work, and things happen without my necessarily anticipating them. Learning how to do something and then doing it is a finite task. I tend to be looking around the next corner even before I’ve “mastered” what I have in front of me.


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