Making my clients happy with their portraits provides me with the greatest satisfaction!  Here is what a few folks have had to say about their purchase. 

Your beautiful portrait of baby George was the hit of the party; it even won as best gift over an electric Lamborghini….!      (Toronto, Ontario)

Watson’s portrait arrived today and I’m speechless: it is so incredibly lovely. I love the composition and the use of the pinks and cool blues. Thank you so, so much for immortalizing my best buddy!      (Sechelt, British Columbia)

I just got Dexter’s portrait in the mail and I am blown away!!! I just cannot put it down; it is so beautiful! The size is perfect and I am beyond thrilled! Just wanted to express my most sincere level of gratitude: it truly is special. Thank you again for everything.          (Toronto, Ontario)

LOVE THEM (two portraits) TO DEATH! I will be contacting you soon for other portraits. Thank you again for your time and creativity!!     (St. Catherines, Ontario)

You are so unbelievably talented! It (the portrait) is absolutely beautiful. It truly made a wonderful Mother’s day gift (and she will be able to remember her beloved Jack forever,thanks to you) So i just wanted to thank you so very much!!!    (Montreal, Quebec)

Taline… We just received our painting of Nacho and we are awestruck! You captured not only his adorable face, but his unique personality… I don’t know how you got it from 2 not-so-great photos.  Thank you so much for this incredibly beautiful gift! I am putting together my list of friends with pets because they all deserve their own work of art.  (Calgary, Alberta)

I have just received my portrait of Bruno…and it’s FABULOUS!!!  What a great mothers day gift 🙂 It’s a real treasure… Taline, thank you so much for your wonderful work!     (Toronto, Ontario)

I just picked up your portrait of Timber last night. It’s beautiful, and my parents are going to love it!  Thank you so much!      (Kilworthy, Ontario)

The portrait was beautiful! It looked so much like my dog! And it was fast delivery and on time! Taline is an amazing artist.   (Binbrook, Ontario)

Thanks so much for the wonderful painting of Anna. I know that hubby is going to be totally thrilled that you did such a wonderful job capturing her unique personality. I don’t know how you did it but my daughter and I love the painting and I know hubby will love looking at this painting of his “baby”, he probably won’t be able to take his eyes of it! Thanks again 🙂  (Toronto, Ontario)

I purchased two portraits from Taline; one of them being a gift for my parents. She did a wonderful job, and we both love the way she has visualized our pets Lilu and Lucy. I look forward to having Taline paint more portraits in the future for us. Thank you so much!    (St. Catherines, Ontario)

Taline’s painting was amazing and extremely accurate. I was very happy with the painting of my dog. I am definitely recommending her to my friends and family! (Hamilton, Ontario)

Taline, your picture of my dog Bob – was dead on. You captured his personality to a T; thanks so much!    (Hamilton, Ontario)

We absolutely love the portrait Taline painted of our dog, Marvin. She captured his true essence. We would highly recommend Taline to paint a portrait of your family pet. Thank you so much!     (Edmonton, Alberta)

One thought on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. I have just received my portrait of Bruno…and it’s FABULOUS!!!
    What a great mothers day gift 🙂 It’s a real treasure… Taline, Thank you so much for your wonderful work! Alex Zusmanovski (Toronto, Ontario)


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